Long conveyor belt transporting ore

Resource Industry Network (RIN) Briefing

Resource Industry Network Briefing, Mackay, Friday 3rd February 2023

National business, global reach, regionally focussed

CRE partners with Resource Industry Network and other regionally based industry advocates to help mining, construction, and engineering companies tackle their contract negotiations and operational risks head on, with the confidence of having people with our experience that is rarely available to clients based outside of capital cities.

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The canary in the coal mine

A significant chunk of Australia’s financial services industry has a problem.

On the one hand, many of the world’s banks and insurers have refused to finance and insure fossil fuels industries because of their inherently conflicted ESG principles.

Yet, on the other hand, their shareholders are missing out on a huge opportunity to create value for themselves, Australia and the rest of the world.

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Should Australia go nuclear to reduce power prices? Common sense says so

In Australia’s high-wage economy, cheap power was the only competitive advantage our manufacturers, miners and energy-intensive industries enjoyed.

The idea was simple.

To compete with industry in developing nations that have access to dirt cheap labour, Australia needed substantially lower power prices on top of higher productivity.

Unfortunately, we’re squandering our great advantage.

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