Our Speciality


Today’s commercial environment brings a raft of challenging risks that can cause litigation issues if improperly handled.

By providing tailored risk protection and transfer solutions, our team has assisted some of the largest companies across the Asia-Pacific to deliver a range of complex infrastructure projects including ports, industrial plants, large commercial and residential towers, prisons, roads, and bridges.

CRE understands that each client and each project has its own unique set of circumstances. That’s why we give special consideration to individual risk tolerances, contractual and commercial obligations and market conditions, as well as legal and project financing requirements. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to provide the level of protection that’s right for you.

Mining &
Natural Resources

As industry specialists, we have a deep understanding of the unique risk profile that resource and mining companies face: from raising capital and new investment projects to dealing with unforeseen natural hazards and their aftermath. With extensive real-world experience of our brokers managing soft and hard rock, underground and open cut mining operations for over 20 years, CRE is highly equipped to develop the right insurance solution for your operations.

From initial exploration, development, and production, to drilling, engineering and contract mining, as well as onshore and offshore operations, CRE can design bespoke risk protection solutions for every aspect of your project comprehensively and cost-effectively.

We put in the time to understand the intricacies of your business, its objectives, exposures, and commercial obligations, enabling our team to develop the best solution to meet your unique requirements. Our expert advice, and our ability to assess, identify and transfer key risks into the global market will give your project the resilience and protection needed to succeed.

Engineering &

The manufacturing and fabricating industries carry a myriad of risks that can cause capital-intensive companies huge exposures if improperly transferred or managed. Our specialised team has the real-world experience that makes a difference when working to assess, monitor and manage these risks.

Through tailored risk protection and transfer solutions, our team has assisted some of the most complex and high-hazard industries in Australasia to transfer and manage their key risks, including process-heavy mining operations, high-speed timber mills and structural timber producers, plastics and resin compound manufacturers, engineered timber product manufacturers, medium to heavy steel fabricators, and high-end mining equipment manufacturers.

CRE understands that each client and each facility poses a unique environment. That’s why we carefully consider a range of factors, including individual risk tolerances, contractual and commercial obligations and market conditions, as well as legal and capital financing requirements to design a solution that’s tailored to you.

Energy &
Renewable Resources

Power and energy companies face significant and wide-ranging risks: from accidents and oil spills, to equipment failure and inclement weather, to regulation and even social unrest. With a deep understanding of the potential pitfalls unique to the energy sector, the experienced CRE team can help you successfully navigate these challenges.

Whether your focus is exploration, construction, production, refining or marketing – from single-location operations, to new projects, or a diverse portfolio of integrated assets — our energy experts offer tailored solutions to ensure key exposures are identified and managed prior to developing your overall risk transfer solution.

We advise you on risk and insurance issues impacting operational and financial success throughout the value chain. We help you to succeed by reducing your total cost of risk, managing volatility, and providing advice and solutions that help enable you to invest confidently for the future.


CRE adopts a hands-on approach to ensure the policies negotiated on your behalf respond as intended to any claim and ensure that your claim is managed in accordance with agreed claims management protocols.

All claims are managed by our client’s service teams; they are best placed to advocate our client’s position to insurers as they are the ones who have designed and implemented your insurance program.

CRE does not have a separate ‘claims department’ that is, in our experience, disconnected from the placement. With over forty years’ experience, Ross Smith (Claims Manager) lends his considerable experience and assistance in the management of complex claim matters alongside CRE’s key service staff.