CRE establishes Perth, WA business


CRE, in partnership with Woods Insurance Brokers, has joined forces to establish CRE in Western Australia, commencing from 1st February 2023.
Operating as an extension of CRE, CRE WA will now connect with us nationally to specialise in mining, construction, and energy risks both locally and on those clients with international assets.

Woods Insurance Brokers will continue to act independently of CRE WA and focus on its own specialities outside of the heavy industries CRE WA will specialise.


Agreeing to head up the CRE business in WA as Executive Director, will be highly respected and experienced insurance and risk executive to the resources and mining sector, Steven Tarr. Mr Tarr opens by reiterating the importance of not being everything to everyone.

“I’ve always focussed on providing a specialised consultative approach to clients.

The importance of knowledge and how complex programs need to be structured, who needs to participate from an insurer perspective, and how, is crucial.

By focussing only on clients within our specialty, CRE can confidently provide pointed advice to clients from a position of technical understanding and an extensive ‘been there, done that’ level of experience.”


The quartet of directors of CRE WA, including Mr Tarr, have a high level of compatibility and complimentary skill sets with each other to make the specialist brokerage very appealing to perspective clients and insurer partners alike.

Adopting CRE’s technical approach to broking some of the most challenging risk profiles in the market, CRE WA will focus on what its acronym stands for: making tough placements in the Construction, Resources and Energy sectors as easy as possible for clients, wholesale partners and the underwriters with whom they work.

Simon Woods, Development Director of CRE WA said, “What we’ve been able to bring together is a high calibre and committed team with peerless networks throughout the mining and construction insurance sectors.

The flow on benefit to the Australian / global mining insurance market and more particularly those clients potentially starved of genuine alternatives, should be very well received.”

David Harrison, Managing Director of CRE added, “In a vacuum of continuing consolidation of the insurance broking market in Australia, specialist advice and access to a firm’s best people is quickly eroding for mid-tier participants in heavy industries.”

CRE and CRE WA will maintain their discipline in being highly selective of clients who have a like-minded view of risk and its various mechanisms of management.

Adam Battista, CRE Executive Director and Mining Practice Lead finishes by saying, “We do this to ensure we can deliver value-based advice and services in a space where commoditisation of advice and products is still well beyond technology (at this point).

Heavy industries with complex and diverse risk profiles continue to be reliant on efficiently adaptable risk transfer mechanisms; for a CRE client, insurance and risk transfer is not a ‘set and forget’.

Our key clients view our role as part of their integrated risk management frameworks and rely on us to provide them with workable, tailored solutions that fit their business, not dictate to it.”