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Resource Industry Network (RIN) Briefing

Resource Industry Network Briefing, Mackay, Friday 3rd February 2023

National business, global reach, regionally focussed

CRE partners with Resource Industry Network and other regionally based industry advocates to help mining, construction, and engineering companies tackle their contract negotiations and operational risks head on, with the confidence of having people with our experience that is rarely available to clients based outside of capital cities.

CRE Insurance Broking is a national firm with a focus on representing regionally based businesses.

A CRE client is one that values advice and wants specialists in their sector to provide them with guidance on navigating the transfer or treatment of the risks that face their business.

While located in Brisbane, Sydney, and now Perth, we are not bound by geography.

What we do

Our people only deal with clients in your sector, all day, every day.

This means we review a lot of contracts, and we deal with all the key insurers who understand your space that are still prepared to hear your story.

A key characteristic of this challenging insurance market is a laser focus on risk quality by insurers.

We are a relationship industry and long-term commitment to markets can still be rewarded, but the best terms and capacity are only available to those clients that can provide the market with an underwriting submission that gives insurers confidence in the information that they assess.

To help deliver the best outcomes for clients, CRE works with each client to maximise their risk appeal.

Our Focus

Heading into 2023, insurance and finance markets along with governments continue to inexplicably marginalise coal-connected businesses despite the critical need for Queensland’s key resource.

CRE maintains our uncompromising support and advocacy of the sector and will continue to keep our shoulder firmly against the wheel to help clients navigate these challenges.